Our mission

Our interests, ideas, and background.

The use of objects as weapons is both prehistoric and highly modern. In many countries, people carry guns on a daily basis, yet there is relatively little psychological research on what drives gun ownership and use. Most gun-related research stems from epidemiology, criminology, and sociology, but the topic also offers opportunities for psychologists to conduct research that is both theoretically interesting and societally relevant. This center is a loose affiliation of psychological scientists who conduct rigorous, peer-reviewed research on the psychology of guns. Part of our scientific mission is practical – to understand why people own and use guns and other weapons, and prevent their deployment against innocent others. Another part of our mission is theoretical – to understand human psychology generally. At our core, we are scientists interested in a broad range of human behaviors, and gun-related research is a way to test general social psychological theories in real world settings.

Current Projects

We focus on the psychological characteristics of gun ownership and their impact on society.

Psychology of Guns

What are the motivational bases of gun ownership?

Guns in Psychology

What can guns teach us about psychology in general?

Guns and Society

How does gun possession influence individuals and society?

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