The Center for Psychological Gun Research is a loosely affiliated network of academic scientists who study the psychological causes and consequences of gun ownership and gun use. Its members seek to develop theories that can inform individual responsibility and safety-oriented decision making. They also seek to gain general insights into human beings’ ancient psychological connection to weapons. The researchers have lived and worked across North America, Europe, and Israel, and they study the psychology of guns in free societies across the world.

Meet The Team

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang StroebeUtrecht University, Groningen University

PhD: London School of Economics, United Kingdom (1968)

Prof. Dr. Arie KruglanskiUniversity of Maryland

PhD: University of California Los Angeles, California (1968)

Dr. Erica Molinario University of Maryland

PhD: Sapienza University of Rome, Italy (2015)

Maximilian Agostini Groningen University

PhD Candidate

Jannis Kreienkamp Groningen University

PhD Candidate

Tasja Müller Groningen University

PhD Candidate

Dr. Pontus Leander

Director, CPGR

Groningen University

PhD: Duke University, North Carolina (2009)